Why you need NBI All Natural this winter

December 7, 2017

 It’s winter! Like you really need us to tell you that! The biting cold and dry skins which some of you are suffering from is telling its own story.



Whether you are old or young makes no difference, cold weather, dry indoor air and low humidity will at some point get to your skins!


Ok, now that we have highlighted the problem, where’s the solution!?

It’s right here with NBI All Natural’s Restoring Body Butter which contains a blend of organic butters, vitamin E and repairing oils and  its consistency gently melts into your skin for 24 hour moisture. The butter's water resistance helps heal chronic dry skin, itchiness, and chapped problem areas to reduce the appearance of scarring, stretch marks and age spots.


Of course there are other products that you could use but bear in mind that harsh soaps can strip away at your skin.

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