Why do people use moisturizers?

October 19, 2017





NBI All Natural is throwing out a challenge today. Do you really need to use moisturizers? Yes/No.


OK here are some things that will happen if you don’t!


You could develop more wrinkles

When your skin gets dry according to the experts there is a low grade chronic inflammation that occurs in the skin. This can lead to breakdown of collagen and quick aging.


The wrinkles you already have will look even worse

If you already have wrinkles then expect them to be more pronounced.


It will aggravate your acne


Seek a friend when you need a friend and that friend is moisturizer. Take it for your enemy and you can see your acne getting worse.


Your makeup won't look so flawless

Yup there is nothing like applying makeup but if you want it to look like off the covers of a fashion magazine, that won’t happen when you lack this precious ingredient.


Your skin will itch like crazy

You know that tight feeling your skin has when you've just gotten out of the shower? Imagine that — all day long.

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