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Frustrated? 3 Reasons Your Skin STILL Isn’t Summer-Ready

You hop in the shower to steam your pores open. Lather yo’ face down with the 3-step wash your cousin with the smooth skin swears by. Scrub, rinse and hop out the shower. At this point, you’re basically the Self-care Sunday empress. You tip-toe over to the mirror, apply toner, all of the oils, and finally - your overnight rejuvenating mask. Then, off to bed you go. Not before securing your silk bonnet of course. Because … edges.

Fast forward to Friday - you’re PISSED. Your skin is still up to the same ole tricks.

I know - UGH.

Good news is, Susan Randall understands your frustration, so she wrote down her regimen for you. For 20 years Susan's helped women experience the remarkable benefits using 100% organic ingredients on face and body. Your turn.



You must open your pores to release toxins and receive nutrients.

When choosing an exfoliant, make sure you understand the ingredients. Exfoliating damages your skin when the product you’re applying contains harmful chemicals that seep into your pores. My facial scrub is a healthy option. Let know much you end up loving it.

While the scrub is still on, hold your face over a bowl of steaming water for 3 minutes, then rinse. Do this 1- 2 times per week.


Skin collects a crazy amount of grime and dirt while you’re out and about.

Your daily cleanser should gently exfoliate, purify and moisturize. Washing should enrich your skin and deposit essential oils - like the salt-free organic black castor oil in my oatmeal face bar. It’s everyone's favorite. The ingredients are so simple. One side exfoliates the other cleanses, feeds and softens the skin. It’s great for travel.


Moisturizer should be perfume-free and provide antioxidants to heal your skin.

Most perfumes aren’t natural, but major beauty companies put them in your skin-care products to mask the scent of the chemicals in them. Basically masking chemicals with more chemicals for you to apply to your face. (No wonder you haven’t seen results). Here's an unscented, non-greasy option that'll nourish your face for a youthful glow.

Try this regimen for one month and email Susan ( to tell her how much you love it. Others have already. Check out these reviews.

Regimen by Founder & CEO: SUSAN RANDALL



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