• Susan Strachan

Why use body butter?

Many of you might be wondering why you should use body butter … after all you have body lotion and body moisturizers so what’s the big deal?

To tell the truth, every skin has its own needs and that’s why you should be cognizant of what you pamper it with. Body butter has natural soothing oils which hydrates and shields your skin.

NBI’s All Natural Restoring Body Butter comes with a blend of organic butters, vitamin E and repairing oils whipped into a nearly weightless fluff.

Its lightweight consistency gently melts into your skin for 24 hour moisture. The butter's water resistance aids to speedily heal chronic dry skin, itchy skin, chapped problem areas and reduces the appearance of scarring, stretch marks and age spots.

Lotions are similar to creams but are even lighter, because they contain more water and provide the thinnest type of application. Usually manufactured with a water based formula skin lotion is very lightweight. It will not necessarily moisturize as much or stay on as long as a butter or cream might.

Hey, so decide if you need lightweight stuff or around the clock protection for your skin and if its restoring body butter stay right here and make your purchase!



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