• Susan Strachan

Benefits of using oatmeal bar soap on your face

Did you know that oats is good for more than just consuming it as a meal?!

Just as it does your body a whole lot of good drinking it, it also gives a lot to your skin using the oatmeal bar soap.

Oatmeal bar soap because of its many wonderful ingredients can be used to help in relieving acne, skin irritations, rashes, eczema and a whole lot of other maladies!

This great all natural face scrub can moisturize, protect and cleanse your skin.

There is no limit to how creative you can get with this soap to give your face that fresh youthful look.

The soap which is available right here on our website and in the shop section on Facebook is a handmade two-in-one cleanser which moisturizes beyond the first layer of skin, as its exfoliating side works to remove dead skin cells from the face. Results in face feeling smooth to touch, and glowing radiantly! Cleanse daily to improve acne prone skin.


For best result: Wet bar, gently scrub face with exfoliating side. Flip bar massage skin with cleaner. Rinse face and dry. Apply NBI's skin cell renewing Facial Moisturizer (link to moisturizer) immediately after. Use morning and night.



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