• Susan Strachan

Loving the skin that you are in with Heavenly Lavender Body Oil

There is something to be said about a body that is well pampered, healthy and glowing!

Admit it, there is this kind of inner glow you feel and it gives you that extra pep in your step as you step out in confidence, knowing that your flawless skin is drawing attention!

After all, observers can’t help noticing when your skin is beckoning, no spots, no stretch marks, just looking smooth and … well just wonderful!

These must have been the thoughts occupying Susan’s mind as she went into creative mode to come up with the Heavenly Lavender Body Oil – just for you!

Heavenly Lavender Body Oil is a blend of Lavender, essential oils formulated to create a blissful tranquil feeling, eliminate nervous tension and promote sleep. The lightweight non greasy oil improves the appearance of stretch marks, uneven skin tone, improve the appearance of scars, age spots and eliminate dull skin, improving moisture and appearance of skin.

Log on over to and start using today….and remember it pays to shop there just wait a few more days and you will see why. Look out for our exciting competition coming

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