• Susan Strachan

Stretch marks, age spots and scars … no problem Eucalyptus Fusion Body Oil is the answer

Age spots, stretch marks and scars can sometimes be a little too much to deal with. No, you are not vain, everyone wants to look at their best and these blemishes can certainly take away a little of your swag – be it on the beach or just dressing sexy.

The good news is that you don’t have to stress too much about is as CEO of NBI All Natural Susan Strachan has put in overtime coming up with a great solution.

“I was a teenager once and I know what scars from acne or other skin blemishes can look like,” she said with a smile.

But whether teenager or adults, Strachan says Eucalyptus fusion body oil was loving created with solving those annoying issues. The active ingredients in it reduces stretch marks, age spots and scars.

It is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial, it’s stimulating and has other medicinal values.

“Honestly, I love to know that my clients get maximum results from whatever I do. I am my best client also, so when I recommend something, I KNOW what I am pushing,” she said.


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