• Susan Strachan

Dealing with your oily skin

Let’s face it, when it comes on to the issue of oily skins, some folks have it to deal with more than others.

Suffice it to say not all skin care products will be of the same benefit to everyone.

It is therefore important to know your skin. It is not hard to find out if you are in the ‘oily skin’ bunch as the evidence will be there to tell you! – The shiny, greasy look…yup dead giveaway.

And if you are then here are some helpful tips to make life easier for you.

Wash with skin care products that penetrate the pores and help to remove fats that clog it. And right here on this site you can hop on over to our store – guaranteed something will be there!

You don’t have to wash your face right throughout the day – according to research it is best to use blotting paper.

This will absorb the extra oil without washing your face.

If you are one of those persons who love the beach then careful about using sunscreens because they are formulated in oil preparations that sure look greasy.

Don’t wash your face too often. Yeah, it’s oily but that’s not the answer…too much washing will rid your skin of its natural oils!

Of course we could research and give you even more tips, but hey let’s have some fun together, check out some facts for you!



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