Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Let’s face it, using cosmetics can be a daunting task. There are thousands of products to choose from, all claiming to provide users with different benefits.

The truth is, when it comes to skin and hair simpler is always better.  That is why NBI keeps it "All Natural" with a product line that is completely chemical free.

Our products are powered by pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which has triple the quenching hydration of lower grade castor oils. JBCO is salt free and refined to provide maximum results for your skin and hair.

Among the natural products used in our manufacturing are purified water, avocado oil, sugar, organic oils, vitamins among other natural ingredients - all of which you can easily recognize and pronounce.

Our Story





For skin to be at its smooth, beautiful best its pH must be perfectly balanced between acidic and alkaline.


Have we lost you already?


"pH" is a scientific measure of acidity, and skin's optimal pH level is slightly acidic at a 5.5 on a 0-14 scale. Healthy skin contains the perfect amount of oil to stay waterproof and resist infections and signs of aging. Too little acidity leads to dry skin and wrinkles, too much leads to oily skin and acne.


Your skin's pH can easily be thrown off by consuming the wrong foods, overwashing, or using the wrong products.


NBI products are carefully crafted with all of these issues in mind to help restore your skin to its optimal balance for a bright, healthy complexion.



Never Tested 
on Animals

NBI All Natural remains true to its "natural" mantra in every way so you never have to worry whether your products contain toxins, chemicals, or have been tested on animals.

Although many cosmetic manufacturers test their products on animals before release to the masses, we believe there are better ways of fine tuning and perfecting our perfect mix of ingredients.


NBI recognizes the importance of caring for not only humans but the lives of our furry friends as well. This is why we have never and will never use animals as a testing ground.